Criticism is Essential to find Succes

Subscribe to Elliot's BlogMuch has been said about a domain investor’s recent attempt at innovation or revolution or whatever it was suppose to turn out as. Whether the idea was good, fair, or poor, and/or whether the execution was good, fair, or poor isn’t really worth discussing anymore.   The proverbial horse has been beaten to death, just as the project has died.

I do want to address the back and forth that I’ve seen from many different people. A lot of people were critical of those who voiced their opinions of the project.   Jealousy seems to be the biggest reason why some people felt others were critical. Apparently these people seem to believe if others offer their own criticism, it must stem from some sort of jealousy for not creating the idea on their own.   This is false.

When I post something – be it a link to a finished website or a website that is being developed, I am not looking for a pat on the back. If I wanted that, I would email my close friends and family who would probably send praise my way no matter what I sent them.   I like receiving compliments as much as the next guy, but I LEARN from receiving criticism.

Simply because people criticize an idea doesn’t necessarily mean they are offering a critique on the person – no matter how judgmental their comments are. Those who are on the receiving end of criticism should analyze it and do what they can to listen to the comment. Perhaps the commentary isn’t helpful, but don’t get defensive about it as that does nobody any good. If you have thin skin and can’t take a criticism, you will never be able to improve yourself or your projects.

Nothing we ever do is perfect. The minute we sit back to admire something we have done is the minute we fall behind our competitors who are quickly closing in on us.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Criticism can be seen as competition and that is healthy. I am one of the few who left a public comment a week ago or more asking if John had considered the fact that his state might consider his business model to be a lottery or raffle which would be regulated by his state. In that same post I suggested that he may need an auctioneers license if he is selling someone else’s domain. Several days later he shut down his site.

    I am certainly not taking credit for it and I have no reason to see him fail, I was offering probing questions, questions that I sense may have directly or indirectly prompted him to consider some of the legal issues of his business model.

    Several people decided to post negative comments about my post thinking that I was against him in some way.

    So, you are right, criticism is fine so long as it is constructive and not personal.

    Criticism and competition are good. If you don’t like either, move to Cuba.

  2. With all the criticism we’ve received from your blog and commentors, I’d say NamePros is well on the way to finding “succes”. Much appreciated.


    LOL… I don’t think there has been too much criticism. I haven’t spent enough time on the forum to really be able to offer much feedback. I was disappointed the last time I was on there, and I expressed my feelings – as you noticed. Overall, I think the board provides very good information for people in the industry, and for younger people, it’s a good opportunity to learn about business and how to conduct business relationships.

  3. I criticize websites all day long.. It’s part of my day job… It’s what happens when you are managing 1000’s of domains of your own and other clients as well, but I love getting criticized as well. You are exactly right Elliot in that it helps us learn. Every day, something new to discover and tackle.. If nobody would critisize, things would be so boring and we wouldn’t get nowhere quick.

    I help out up and comers quiet a bit as well… As long as it is constructive and you offer a tip here and there.. It’s all good!


  4. constructive criticism is one thing comments such as **Mark is a jerk. You get used to it.** offers no help imo and just screems out disgruntled banned/wannabe member. Im sorry I adore namepros and Mark is a lovely guy. This is my first visit to this blog and Im leaving alittle sad by what I have read

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