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It’s been a while since I listed a domain name for sale on my blog, but I have one that might be good for someone looking for a product-related domain name:

There are dozens of companies that make chocolate covered pretzels, and they come in all types and price points. You can buy mass produced chocolate covered pretzels by the pound at candy stores and chocolate shops. You can also purchase expensive gourmet chocolate covered pretzels as well.

Asher’s Chocolates offers “white-label” chocolate covered pretzels, which means that they will produce chocolate covered pretzels with your own branding. Of course, you can also do drop-shipping or an affiliate type of website since many companies sell chocolate covered pretzels in corporate holiday gift baskets.

If I didn’t have many other projects on my plate right now, I would consider making this my first ecommerce website. Instead, I am listing it for sale here for $4,500. The domain name is registered at Enom.


  1. “It’s been a while since I listed a domain name for sale on my blog”

    Was’nt the last domain you listed for sale on your blog ?

    ..or am I having a deja vu moment ?

  2. It’s deja vu. Last sale was I did mention this name when I wrote about trying to sell it at the Chocolate Show but I didn’t end up meeting any companies there. It was much busier than I expected.

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