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Ringtones.com Changes Hands for $750k


SedoIt was just announced that the domain name Ringtones.com has been sold for $750,000. Dave Evanson from Sedo was the domain broker for this transaction.

Prior to the sale, Ringtones.com was owned by Mobile Streams Ltd, a company trading publicly on the London Stock Exchange. Currently (now and prior to the sale), the domain name has been used as what appears to be an affiliate portal, allowing visitors to download ringtones to their mobile phones.

According to a news release on  Stock Market Wire, Mobile Streams’ CEO  Simon  Buckingham  commented that the company chose to sell Ringtones.com to use the proceeds for another line of business.  “We want to ensure that the company has the appropriate financial resources necessary to take full advantage of the rapidly growing apps market,” said Buckingham.

An old news release from Mobile Streams noted that  Ringtones.com was originally launched by the company in 1999.

The domain name is still in the Sedo escrow account, and the name of the buyer is not yet public.

Sedo Gets Memory.com and Wood.com Exclusivity


SedoI’ve noticed that quite a bit of the higher value sales reported in DNJournal of late have been made by Sedo. Earlier this week, I wrote about Sedo getting exclusivity on a great gambling domain name, Gambling.com. It seems like the company is on quite a roll.

Today, I’ve learned that Sedo has gotten the domain names Memory.com and Wood.com under exclusive contract to sell.

I think Memory.com is a great domain name because computer memory is very easy to sell online. I don’t know what the margins are like, but I know a company like Crucial.com makes it simple for people to order memory upgrades. The physical product is small, so inventory expenses are probably light compared to other products.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a company like Micron (owners of Crucial) make an offer to buy Memory.com. Not only would an acquisition like Memory.com make its brand more intuitive, but it would also prevent a startup or competitor from making a big impact on its offering.

Ryan Colby is the broker for both of these domain names and you can be in touch with him by emailing Ryan.Colby at Sedo. Another domain name of interest may be Karate.com, which I understand has seen a price drop since the DomainFest auction where the reserve was $500k-750k.

Sedo Nabs Exclusivity on Gambling.com


SedoI recently read that Gambling.com was going to be placed for sale by its owners, and a press release from Sedo confirms the news. The release announces that Sedo has been granted exclusive brokerage rights to the domain name.

It’s not clear what the reserve price is on the domain name, but I personally can’t imagine it selling for more than Slots.com, which was sold to Bodog for $5,500,000 earlier in 2010.

I think Gambling.com is a very good name, but I think people would be more apt to search for other keywords more – for instance, Slots, Blackjack, Poker, or Sports Bets. If an online gaming company is going to build its brand around a generic domain name, I think they would probably prefer to spend the money on one of those .com terms.

Among other large sales this year, Sedo recently found a buyer for Sex.com, which sold for $13,000,000, the highest publicly recorded all-cash deal.

Overstock Buys Another “O” Domain Name

OverstockI just received word that Overstock has acquired another single letter “O” domain name. The company purchased O.co.za via Sedo for $9,000. The .co.za extension is South Africa’s ccTLD.

Overstock also made two other public “O” domain name acquisitions within the past year: O.biz and O.co.

Some people believe the company may be making these efforts in order to be in a better position for when O.com comes available. That would make sense, especially in light of their US trademark for O.com.

It will be interesting to see if Overstock continues to acquire “O” ccTLD domain names. It would seem that these public sales could impact their negotiation ability.

Facebook Introduces “Social Inbox” & SocialInbox.com Recently Sold to HubSpot


Facebook.Mark Zuckerberg is currently discussing the new Facebook email system, and although he mentioned that everyone will receive @Facebook.com email addresses, it seems that the FB.com domain name which was recently acquired by Facebook, will be used for internal emails.

One very interesting tidbit that Zuckerberg just announced is the introduction of the Social Inbox for “filtering exactly the messages that you want to see.” I was curious to see if Facebook had acquired the matching SocialInbox.com domain name.

According to a Whois lookup, SocialInbox.com is currently registered to the Escrow Transfer department at Sedo, meaning it was sold very recently. DN Journal reported that SocialInbox.com sold for $4,970 at the end of September.

Interestingly, it looks like a company called HubSpot has launched a new service on SocialInbox.com, which is in Beta. According to the meta description for the site, “Social Inbox is a simple tool for professionals to more effectively use social sites like twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find and nurture prospects and leads.”

If Facebook ends up branding this new “Social Inbox,” did they just get preempted by another company by just a couple of months?

Dallas Cowboys Fumble Domain Name on Big Day for News as Coach Phillips is Fired

A few days ago I wrote about the Cowboys.com domain name going up for sale on Sedo, brokered by Dave Evanson. This came three years after the Cowboys infamously bid and won the Cowboys.com domain name at auction, but they didn’t complete the deal after apparently confusing the price, thinking the winning bid was $275.00 rather than the actual $275,000.00.

Apparently the Dallas Cowboys suffered another domain name  embarrassment today. It looks like the Cowboys didn’t renew its DallasCowboys.com domain name on time, and as a result, the default Network Solutions landing page is currently showing (complete with pictures of young soccer players).

This afternoon, the Cowboys fired coach Wade Phillips after their horrendous 1-7 start to the season. I am sure a lot of people turned to DallasCowboys.com (and probably Cowboys.com, too) to learn more about the firing, directly from the team. Unfortunately for them, they were disappointed in the Cowboys once again.

The good news is that the Cowboys appear to have renewed the domain name through 2020, and the domain name should soon  propagate  back to its website. The bad news is that the Cowboys will still be bad whether the website works or doesn’t.

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