Sold for $352,500

As I mentioned a few days ago, Sedo’s Great Domains held its May auction, which ended this afternoon. was acquired for $352,500. The bidding for this domain name went on for quite some time after the auction was scheduled to end. The reserve price range was $25,000 – $49,999.

The domain name was placed for sale by Next Navigation Pty Ltd, a domain investment company that owns a very nice portfolio of descriptive domain names.

Based on the final sales price, my guess is that an end user acquired this name. I will post an update in a few days once payment is made and the domain name is transferred, assuming the Whois data is public. Congrats to the seller and Sedo on a nice sale.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. There would have to be 2 end users after the domain for that kind of price.

    What are the odds of that?

    Makes me think someone behind the scene knew who the bidder was and/or saw their max bid and helped bump it up.

    Just a thought from a conspiracy theorist 🙂

  2. Huge name for cloud computing
    Google apple new data center icloud
    also Microsoft and google article just yesterday head to head to own “data center”
    Also Citrix. Vmware, hp IBM

  3. Reseller its a $XXXX to low $XXXXX max, I would imagine its an end user at that price. Which begs the question, 2 end users on the same day with the desire to spend in excess of $300k?

    If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…

    I would bet that auction had a helping hand.

    • @ Josh

      End of day Sedo makes under $50k on the name. It’s part of a publicly traded company in Germany. You would bet they’d risk severe regulator/legal issues (not even including pr) for less than $50,000? In addition, they’d have to gamble that the end user would keep going no matter what and they could keep bidding without losing it. If the end user stopped bidding and it was some scandalous bidding, that would be a huge risk because they would get nothing and look bad for not completing a sale. Also, the way bidding was going (with bid time increments and amounts), it didn’t appear to me that there was a proxy bid.

      The risks significantly outweigh the small reward for any kind of shady stuff. I would bet my monthly salary that it was a legit sale.

  4. First I am not doubting that the winer is a legit buyer…

    As for risk vs reward E, being you live in NYC you yourself should know even billionaires do very stupid and greedy things all the time for what would appear to be small rewards.

  5. There could have been two legitimate endusers with deep pockets fighting it out over the domain making it go to ten times what it would normally be worth, doesn’t necessarily mean that there had to be something shady going on, it could have to do more with doing the right promotions and marketing before the auction than anything else.

  6. 1. If you look at this from a business perspective, and not from the myopic domainer perspective, this was a very, very, VERY cheap buy to capture the growing $BB data center industry.
    2. Congratulations to both the seller and the buyer.
    3. Was Owen Frager involved in putting this deal together?
    4. Even without this news, the problems and scope of managing data centers has been all over the news this month. Take this week, the announcement of how much power data centers suck up (enough to power millions of homes), about Google’s Data Center summit in Zurich, Citrix’s new positioning to try to dominate the cloud, iTracs and TDB Fusion (horrible names) Seamless Data Center, etc.
    5. The “green” data center market alone will be $41B in 2015, the global market for CONSTRUCTION of data centers is supposed to be $78B by 2020. the US market was $40B in 2009 when Cisco said they’re in it to win it. Market size for the power distribution unit for data centers alone will be $767M in 2014. Then there’s co-location, SAS services, third party data center services, etc. where the real money is. India has a CAGR of 23%. etc.
    6. I wouldn’t be typing this right now to all of you, and you wouldn’t be reading it, if there weren’t millions of dollars in data centers at each of our ISP’s, operating as we speak
    7. is a gem for somebody who knows their industry and wants the biggest chunk of the $BB at stake.

  7. $350k is cheap. Anyone who’s ever dealt with data centers at a commercial level knows you’ll be talking big bucks. Companies that I deal with can spend six figures a year on level 5 server hosting.

  8. Josh. . .really you think it’s an end-user ? lol. duh.
    I bet you better be cautious with betting on helping hands. Your walking a fine line there dude. 🙂

    • @ Ram

      I have a significantly lower value sale that closed on the same day and it hasn’t closed yet. Have you ever closed a transaction that large before? Sometimes it takes time to get the money in order and/or send it in, especially if the cash is in different locations, the CFO is on vacation, or some other sort of normal delay.

  9. Sedo brokers have contacts and relationships with several of the best prospects for this and they have sold expensive domains to them before. Perhaps they phoned their contacts and advised them of the auction. Proactive end user outreach. Isn’t that what you’d want them to do to get you top price and earn their commission. Google just held the first global datacenter summit. It’s a hot opportunity and the big players are all racing to build centers and dominate the market. Google the words and data center and you might find a clue.

  10. @ Elliot Silver : Can you please advise what is the value of domains : HOTELSINEMIRATES.COM and DIAMONDHANDBAG.COM ?

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