Can’t Increase Bids on NameJet


I discovered an issue on NameJet last night that has not yet been resolved. Since yesterday at some point, I am not able to increase my bids on NameJet auctions. Every time I place a bid, it tells me “You have been outbid by a proxy bid” despite the fact that the bid I am trying to place is substantially higher than the current high bid and higher than the minimum bid.

When I discovered the issue last night, I sent an email to a couple of contacts at NameJet and I also tweeted about it and someone confirmed he is also having the same issue:

I cleared my cache and cookies, logged out and in to my account, and restarted my laptop. None of this has fixed the issue.

I am having no issue placing backorders, and my account has always been in good standing. When I checked my account this morning, I could see one auction I am winning had a bid placed that increased the high bid. I could also see higher bids on recently started auctions. This indicates that the issue is isolated in nature and does not impact all bidders. I would like to bid on several auctions right now, with one auction ending today.

Despite my email, several tweets, and a phone call I placed a little while ago, I have not heard a reply from anyone to acknowledge the issue or provide an update. I understand that it is 10:30 in the morning, but I want to ensure the bidding issue is fixed before auctions close today. I do not typically write about technical support issues or website errors I encounter, preferring to get issues resolved privately. In this case, it is a time sensitive matter.


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