BuyDomains Auction at GoDaddy Ends Today


The BuyDomains auction at GoDaddy will be ending this afternoon, and there are about 150 domain names included in the auction. After looking through the list of domain names, it seems like there are a bunch of names I previously made offers on, so I will most likely be a participant in the auction.

I thought I would share 5 of my favorite domain names. (I may bid on one or more of these domain names as well as others from the auction):


I believe just about all of the auctions have reserve prices, although the reserve range is not shared publicly. Judging by the pricing on some of the domain names prior to the auction, I would bet they are going to move some inventory with this sale.

The auctions end later on this afternoon.

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  1. Sorry, I don’t trust the godasdy exchange to be a transparent enough exchange to ha ske these auctions with full confidence. To many flake bidders who game the system on there, and 75 percent of domainers are very aware of this. Most auctions do not get an honest shake. You guys are being bidder up by $20 prepaid cc accounts from overseas from people who have big dreams of good names, but little care on figuring out how to pay for them after the auction ends. Godaddy admits it, but fails to do abythhng about it. I could go get a prepaid card, bid up all the BuyDomain auctions, and make you suckers pay thru the nose, now how are they going to fix this. I estimate 5 figure losses over the years personally myself.

    • Well, I don’t bid beyond what I think a name is worth, so at worse, I pay the value I think it’s worth or I lose out on the domain name and it doesn’t get paid (I guess based on your scenario).

    • Many bidders bid your maximum then decide they are done as they are way beyond their max already, but least thy made you pay for it. This is why usernames are important for keeping buyers responsible for their bidding actions. All we can do is recommend, happy bidding to all.

  2. From what I can find only 1 name sold. No others met their reserves or received bids.

    Bit of a cock-up for GD/BuyDomains. I received a confirmation email that I had won a name I placed a proxy bid on, complete with payment link. 4 hours later get another email from GD saying it was a mistake and the name didn’t reach reserve.

    Not sure who they expected to bid on these names, nor why they chose not to publish reserves. Seems they were priced for retail and placed in a channel primarily used for wholesale.

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