Basecamp CEO Looking for a Great Domain Name


The CEO and Co-Founder of Basecamp, a privately held company reportedly worth over $100 billion (see Bill’s comment below, as that article referenced is apparently satirical), is looking to buy a great domain name. On Saturday afternoon, Jason Fried posted his buy request via Twitter:

Although his buy request is somewhat vague, Jason’s requirements are quite specific. He is looking to acquire a 3, 4, or 5 letter .com domain name, and it must be pronounceable. I presume this could mean anything from an actual word to something made up that sounds like some sort of word.

Bill Sweetman from Name Ninja asked about the budget and mentioned that domain names like the ones requested “will typically be six-figures.” Jason replied and said he would be comfortable at that price level.

I can see that several domain investors have already reached out, so I am sure he has some good options already. I submitted a couple of domain names to him to review, and you might care to do the same if you have something that matches his request. I do not have any idea about his budget.

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  1. Two points of clarification here…

    1. I’m not the “Bill” who left comment correcting Elliot about Basecamp’s valuation.

    2. The “six-figures” budget I replied to Jason about was in regards to a good, single-word, English language .com domain, which it is what he (like most startup founders) appears to be hunting for. A non-English or invented word domain can be acquired for much less.

    I wish Jason lots of luck with his unorthodox method of finding a domain name for his new venture. Jason is a bit of a business rebel and he’s bringing that spirit to his domain hunt. (I am not currently working with Jason on this domain hunt.)

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