Air France Announces JOON Without or (Updated)


Earlier today, Air France-KLM announced the launch of a new airline called JOON. According to a  Bloomberg  article, JOON “will initially offer medium-haul services from the airline’s Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport base and begin long-haul routes in mid-2018.”

The airline does not appear to have acquired either the domain name or the ccTLD domain name. The domain name is owned by Canada-based Netincome Ventures, Inc. and is owned by a French event firm. is currently monetized with advertising links, and the top of the landing page indicates that the domain name may be available for sale via the Uniregistry domain brokerage. is being used by the event firm.

According to the brand’s Facebook page, the company plans to use the domain name for its website. When I visited, I was forwarded to a page within Air France’s website. Here’s how Air France described the brand name on its website:

“Short, powerful and international, JOON’s name was conceived to speak to people all around the world.”

The brand name is interesting because of the pronunciation of the word. In the US (and possibly other English speaking countries), the word JOON sounds like the word June. In French, I believe the JOON sound would be spelled Juin (although there could be a difference in pronunciation between JOON and Juin). This could end up being a bit confusing for people who search Google for the airline’s name using an alternative spelling.

If the company intends to “speak to people all around the world,” it might want to buy the exact match .com domain name. It does not appear that JOON is going to begin operating for a few months, so perhaps the company will upgrade its domain name in the meantime.

I will add this domain name to my DomainTools Whois Monitor list to see if it changes hands.

Update: It looks like Air France now owns


    • Seems to be an ongoing and overlooked (professionally neglected) yet critical element. I find this happening regularly with client strt-ups or new ventures. Digital Assets are not taken seriously, often until it’s too late.

  1. There are at least six federally registered trademarks for “JOON” listed at None are for an airline.

    One is for “coconut sugar” filed as recently as March 2017.

    Meanwhile, is open for offers at with a $10,000 minimum offer.

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