Agreed Launches “Escrow Now” Button


This afternoon, Agreed announced the availability of a “Escrow Now” button which allows domain investors to place buy now buttons on their domain name landing pages, giving a prospective buyer the ability to agree to purchase a domain name and open an escrow transaction immediately. Instead of encouraging a buyer to negotiate, a seller can put a buy now button with a call to action to facilitate an immediate deal.

The advantage of using a tool like this is that a domain owner doesn’t need to pay a broker commission on a deal that was initiated by the buyer visiting the seller’s domain name. The disadvantage is that a buyer will need to set the button up across many domain names instead of listing them on one marketplace. Since many of my inquiries are from buyers who visit the domain name to see if anything is there, I think this is a great tool and will be worth the time to set up.

Check out the video I embedded below to learn more about Agreed’s Escrow Now button to see if it’s something you can use to help you sell domain names more easily.


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