A Massively Marketed .Info Domain Name


We order from Amazon quite a bit. These days, it is usually more convenient for me to order something from Amazon than to try to find it elsewhere, and the prices are probably just as good as any other retailer. As a result of our frequent Amazon orders, we receive packages from Amazon every few days.

Depending on the size of our order and the items we are receiving, Amazon’s packaging differs. The larger items come in the standard Amazon cardboard boxes, but smaller items, like books for our kids, are frequently delivered in the white and blue padded envelopes with Amazon Prime branding.

I don’t usually pay attention to packaging details, but I was looking at one of these envelopes this morning, and I noticed it marketed a .Info domain name at the bottom with the recycling information – How2Recycle.info. Here’s an up-close look at the domain name found on this Amazon packaging:

How2Recycle.info is a website operated by an entity called GreenBlue, “an environmental nonprofit dedicated to the sustainable use of materials in society.” From what I can see, this organization is a third-party that is not affiliated with Amazon beyond their partnership. Interestingly, the organization uses a .org domain name for its website, but the website offering information about recycling uses a .info domain name. The matching .com domain name appears to be registered to another entity, and the .com landing page indicates the website was suspended.

It looks like GreenBlue has quite a few partners, and I would imagine it’s How2Recycle.info is one of the most marketed .Info domain names.

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