Would You Register an Emoji Domain Name?

emoji-search-engine-godaddy-domainsLast year, it was announced that people could register Emoji domain names. Name.com (and others) wrote about how to register these domain names, although I have no idea how many Emoji domain names have been registered. There was also a fair amount of mainstream press that covered this news, especially when it came to Coca Cola’s usage of an Emoji domain name (a .WS domain name).

Earlier this week, GoDaddy launched a search engine to find and register available .WS Emoji domain names:  â¤â¤â¤.ws. Based off my recollection alone, there seems to be much more news this time, presumably because GoDaddy is  making it easier for people to find and register Emoji .WS domain names.

I am curious if you would ever consider registering an Emoji domain name if they were available in any extension. Personally, I am not much of an Emoji user. I add a  smiley face here and there in text messages, but that’s about it. I don’t think I would be a user, although if they were available in all extensions and there was a market for emoji url, I would probably invest.

Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comment section:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I don’t see a market developing for these anytime soon. Maybe somewhat at the reg fee level but not for investment purposes. If they were available in another extension, I’m sure there would be more interest.

    My Emoji use is also limited to a smiley face here and there. If anyone other than my wife sends me more than that, they’re suspect.

  2. As a brand name? No. Awkward in conversation.

    As a primary online address? No. Difficult type-in navigation. Ambiguity would lead to cybersquatting and phishing.

    As an investment? No. Difficult sales pitch.

    For a marketing campaign? Depends. Should be useful in a few cases. So if it fit a client’s objectives …

    Emojis remind me of the stickers we used to get on our homework assignments, thanks to patronizing kindergarten teachers. Call me a grumpy luddite, but I much prefer words.

  3. I really like emoji domain names. I registered over 600+ in the .WS extension. I have the (pancake emoji) .WS for example redirecting to my Twitter page. Words can be misspelt and limited by language. Emojis can be misinterpreted however universal.

  4. I just learned about empji domains from George Verdugo.
    I thought its a cool concept. I
    I registered a few of them.
    I agree with Derryl. We’ll see what will happen.

  5. I believe Emoji Domains are akeen to a Sleeping Giant waiting to be Awoken.

    Multinational Companies, Corporations and Startups are already using Emoji Domains to capture Millenial and Generation Y consumers around the world which access the Internet via their Mobile Devices (i.e., Honda, Ray-Ban, Norweigan Airlines, Budweiser, MGM Grand, Glambot …)

    Individual Influencers are also already using Emoji Domains for their Personal Websites/Blogs or to forward to their existing Social Media Accounts (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram …)

    Apple and MAC OS just made it easier to Access and Type Emojis on their Desktops/Laptops with their Keyboard Shortcut (Ctrl, Comm, Space) along with their new Emoji feature on the new Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar.

    PCs will follow suite, in order to compete, with MAC and this will make Emoji Domains just a feasible for Desktop/Laptop users as they are now for Mobile Users.

    Lastly, Emoji Domains Transcend Language Barriers (even more so than Numeric domains), are Easy to Remember and are Easy to Share.

  6. WE LOVE these Emoji Domains and nothing says it better than LOVE. We have not long found interest in these and really found them quite fascinating. After noticing that Budweiser had recently secured the Emoji images for LOVE BEER and Donald Trump now using LOVE America we thought we would invest a few dollars in obtaining a small portfolio for ourselves of just over 100 and have just started marketing them to end users and use them as a way of raising funds to support ProjectFACE For All Children Everywhere. Not sure I am allowed to post link on here so please forgive me if I am flouting the rules.’The Love collection’ Available at Emojis.Domains. where every domain sale will be helping young, vulnerable children in need. Thanks for reading our post, if you like what you have read could you please share it and help us out, you’d be doing us a great favour. Regards Gary

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