Winner of the Crowdsourcing a Website Idea Contest Announced


I would like to thank everybody who submitted their ideas to the Crowdsourcing a Website Idea contest that I guest posted on Elliot’s Blog a few weeks ago.   There were many good ideas, and, as expected, quite a few opinions J.        I would also like to publicly thank Elliot for his willingness to try something different on his blog.     This is one of the reasons why I approached him with this idea, and it is one of the many reasons why I have been regularly reading his blog since 2007.

After reviewing all of the submissions and considering all of the potential models for building into a revenue generating website, I have decided to go with the “contest” model.   I believe this model offers a viable solution to a problem encountered by many business, particularly small businesses and startups.

Congratulations to Chris Campbell, who was the first to propose the contest model.     Chris wins the $500 prize.

I have also made a $500 contribution to Ronald McDonald house on behalf of Elliot’s Blog.     This is a very worthwhile charity that provides support and care for families of children who are battling cancer.

We will be starting this project in the coming weeks.   In the past, my companies have built large, complex applications with long development cycles and considerable R&D expense.   This time, we are going to employ the Lean Startup methodology, a popular, new approach to building and launching products that helps entrepreneurs minimize risk, reduce costs and get to market faster.   If you haven’t read the book, you may find it to be a very worthwhile read.

If you would like to be notified of our launch, please follow us on Facebook at (it is currently a very empty Facebook page that I recently setup, but it will start filling out soon).

Thank you again for all of the ideas and comments.


  1. Congratulations to Chris Campbell. We thought we had a shot at winning the thing 😉

    But, Chris idea was a equally good, so we are happy for him. Good luck with the project, Lance.

    I guess this gives us an opportunity to launch our entry suggestion. Ronald McD House wins too. Everybody wins.

  2. Thank you Lance, it was a fun contest and the winnings will go towards my new riding lawn mower… Look forward to seeing and using the site when it is launched..



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