What is i.CO Worth?

This is clearly a speculative matter, but I am wondering what you think i.CO might be worth in light of the recent news that Amazon bought A.CO, K.CO, and Z.CO. Please vote in the poll below.

Terms of that deal were not disclosed, so we don’t have  comparable, but I do understand that Amazon bought the domain names rather than having been awarded them. It can be assumed that these domain names will be used by the company in some way, although the usage hasn’t been disclosed yet.

We do know that e.CO sold at auction for over $80,000 in the first public sale of a single letter .CO domain name, and Overstock paid over $300,000 for O.CO.  Twitter was awarded T.CO, which they use as a url shortener, and Go Daddy was awarded X.CO, which is also used as a url shortener.

Moniker is currently brokering the i.CO domain name, and from what I understand, a number of companies have expressed an interest in acquiring the domain name. The initial plan was to auction the domain name, but they later changed it to a brokerage deal instead, figuring it would produce a higher value sale.

So what do you think i.CO is worth? Vote below:

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I really believe single letter .co’s such as e.co and o.co are extremely underrated. I am optimisically saying that i.co will be one if not the highest .co sold this year. I am really surprised and disappointed that single letter .co domains aren’t in the 7 figure range.

  2. Minimum $500,000,000!

    Ancient Chinese Secret: .co hot hot!
    Must act fast! Buy today before no more left!
    .co new king! .com old news!

    More .co on internet than .com!
    President of USA make official: .co official ccTLD of EVERY COUNTRY ON EARTH!

  3. @ Above Posted

    When you pump something like that you actually turn someone off from it, by not adding any important info of value.

  4. I’d say around 100k. Great name, but what I was thinking some of these are going to be hard to click on, imagine click on a link i.co, can’t get any shorter unless they come up with single letter tld 🙂

  5. @ R Cline

    Hey, enthusisam is fantastic. As long as you can cover your registrations for this year, all the power to you. But somehow I think a five year plan, as expressed by the .CO registry itself, might shorten your pocketbook somewhat. But then again, if you have the means to wait it out…what can a person say?

    Let’s say that it might be a good idea if you have a couple super-premium .co, and it won’t make the burden so daunting. There are lots of premium .CO domains at the moment that are worth something, but the question is…do you have one of them? You certainly can’t cross your fingers to have a GEV.com a few times a year? Or can you? All is said when you think a NNN.co or LLL.co will fetch $10000. But this may be here and there. Do you have a MAJOR domain? Something with BANK or MORTGAGE or CLOUDCOMPUTING? We all see the long-term timeline in this industry and wonder. If you can, let us know what your premium .co domain/s are.

  6. @clown ro bert – please stop posting ridiculous posts… thanks from everyone in the online realm…


    I think i.co should be worth anywhere in the 150-350K range simply because everyone associates i with apple making it a much more desired single letter verses say a Z or A etc.

  7. @Chris

    This makes me believe Apple will end up with I.co. It would be the perfect fit for them. Relevant letters are passing quickly. Somehow i don’t think it is an overnight process and that it may take at least another year to make that happen.

    I see I.co going for $500000. After E.co, it is the best one letter domain.

    This is all good for one letter .com’s. Unfortunately, it is increasing the price of one letter .com’s, BUT we will never see those. They are considered “heritage sites” and I don’t think they will ever be available for public consumption. Somewhere, there are being used as Intellectual Property Assets and will remain in the vault. Quite a paradox, if you will..

  8. i.co maybe worth $200,000 reseller end user $500k to $1.5 mill and to apple i personally think its worth $4 million super brandable to Apple.com.

  9. how about a .Co ol

    $10 Million

    consider less to type on tweets, links from mobile and tweets;

    remember fb.com was sold for $8.5 Million and it even has 2 more characters. If you look at their reasoning it was to use for tweets and mobile where short was meaningful.

  10. Apple aren’t known for buying domains (see the ipad.com case) but if they had to buy a one letter domain I say they should go with I.CM instead of I.CO because the latter can be interpreted as “ICO” or “Icon” which is not very Appleish

  11. @ Cline

    Anomalous sales are not indicative of market value. My XXD.com and SHS.com domain names are not worth $100k simply because a few 3 letter .com domain names have sold for that much. They may be worth that much depending on my liquidity needs and the needs of a potential buyer, but you’re an idiot if you think a few sales are what determines value.

    I would guesstimate that the very high end for 3 letter .CO domain names is $5k since Gin.com would have sold for low 6 figures.

    Also, one more thing… do you see what you are doing right here? The more you post your bullshit, the more I feel the need to contradict your opinions, and I feel like you are doing a disservice to other .CO domain investors.

    Go troll on Namepros.

  12. @ES

    you sound like a sore loser.

    come on, chill, loosen up.

    Life is too short to be this tight wad.

    I am simply a messenger.

    I am simply reporting the very latest

    LLL.CO sales that others are posting

    that is it.

    Do not shoot the messenger, MOI!!

  13. “I am simply a messenger.”

    @ Cline

    You are a self-anointed messenger, seemingly without anything but wishful thinking. Take your message elsewhere.

    This article has nothing to do with 3 letter .com values.

    Start your own blog.

  14. The thing of it sadly is once you start censoring good people out, you become like Syria, where the strong man starts shooting everyone to get everyone lined up to say just what you want to hear.

    Is this where you want to go?

    This post is exactly and all about LLL.CO

    What is the significance of I.CO

    the significance is its the shortest, underline, the shortest domain that exists, which means less characters on tweets and other social medias, making this worth $1Million plus. And since the registery controls all L.CO and LL.CO, we mortals only have the LLL.CO to talk about and work with, this is exactly what this article is all about, the whole point of I.CO existence.

  15. @ Cline

    I haven’t censored anyone, I just find your posts annoying and uneducated. I wish you’d spend your time and energy posting elsewhere, and I bet there are plenty of others that feel the same.

  16. Is there any way to make Robert shut up?
    It is annoying to see him talking down to people all the time. He should work doing advertising for the .co registrars!

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