What Are Your Favorite Sports Teams?

It was a late night for me last night, as I watched the Boston Bruins win game 3 of the NHL’s conference finals against the Pittsburgh Penguins in double OT. In between periods, I was doing some auction research and NameJet backordering, but my focus was on the B’s game. If you like hockey, you probably enjoyed watching the game last night.

I was a Bruins fan before I was a Red Sox and Patriots fan, but I’ve always been a big Boston sports fan.  Since moving to the Boston area late last year, I’ve been to 6 Red Sox games this season, and I have tickets to 12 more games (including the Afternic and NameJet meetup). I signed up for the season ticket waiting list several years ago, and I was fortunate enough to be able to get a partial season ticket package this year (they didn’t have full ticket packages available). I always hoped to be able to go to Fenway whenever I could, and I was lucky enough to marry a Red Sox fan who was happy to oblige.

I am a fair weather Boston Celtics fan, and I watch a good amount of Bruins games during the season. I never miss a New England Patriots game. I’ve also become a fair weather Arsenal football (soccer) fan as a result of watching games with my brother. If you ever want some “free” domain consulting, invite me to a Patriots or Arsenal game and we can talk business!

I assume most of you are similar to me and are passionate about one or more sports teams. What are your favorite sports teams?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hey Elliot!

    Unfortunately, I love the Toronto Maple Leafs. It’s been a painful 10 years or so, but the team is starting to make progress.

    Game 7 against Boston was an utter heartbreaker, as the Leafs could not keep the pressure up in the last 10 minutes. Tryst me it would have been nice to beat Boston.

    The team played well overall and pushed Boston to the brink of elimination.
    That was likely a wake up call as Boston has played well since.

    As they say in Toronto: There’s always next year! 😉

  2. Hi Elliot – Living in northern CT, we lived on the edge of Boston and NY territory but for hockey we were die-hard Whaler’s fans. When they folded, so did our hockey enthusiasm.

    Baseball was always the Redsox – though there was that one year of the Amazing Mets. Who couldn’t be in awe?

    But my biggest guilty pleasure is football and in my house it was and still is the NY Giants. Living on Long Island now since my teens, that locked the deal. Patriots are always a strong backup, but I’m die-hard Giants to the end. I can still feel my dad sitting next to me teaching me about the game and I’ve been trying to carry on the tradition with my daughters.

    Fun post – thanks!

    • I was at the Pats vs. Giants game in 2007 (the final regular season game). Giants fans were so happy to be in the game at halftime. I heard people saying “this is our Super Bowl” because they didn’t think they had a chance. The Pats won the game, but Giants got the ultimate revenge in the Super Bowl. It was one of a few times in my 10 years in NYC that it was especially hard to be a Boston sports fan!

  3. Texas Longhorns – Had season tickets for a few years while I was in school there. They will always be my #1 sports team. I am a die hard.

    Texas Rangers – Was a causal fan until the last few years. Have become a big fan since they have gotten better. I go to a couple of games a year and watch 95% of the rest of the games on TV usually while perusing drop lists. I’m very hungry for a World Series title. I also like the Red Sox and the Nats.

    Dallas Cowboys – Was a huge fan for most of my life, but the current management structure has left me disillusioned. I’m a strong believer that Jerry Jones should just name himself coach instead of coaching by proxy. It would be a disaster, but it would be much more entertaining than the current shit show.

  4. You knew I wouldn’t be able to resist any chance to circle the wagons for the Buffalo Bills!!


    ‘Cuse in college hoops.

    I was a big Yankees fan as a kid, and again in the late 90s, but baseball is dead to me now. And not just bc of PEDs.

  5. Hi Elliot,

    It’s intermission. No worries..they will score.
    Reading a few posts here. I see more people have experienced a hockey season in 6th gear that needed to be jump started in the first place. “Our’ hockey guys here in FL (both east and west coast) are ‘whacking’ golf clubs and balls these days. School was out early.

    I’m a Zdeno Chara fan myself so while you backorder a few domain names, i’m prepairing for the 2nd period and am backordering something from my own fridge.
    Enjoy the game.


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