Water Buffalo vs. Lions and Crocodile – Must See Video



  1. Although this is nature I usually avoid those videos. I happen to make the exception and watch it all (I did cheat and skipped the beginning a little) and glad I have. Amazing footage, thanks for posting!

  2. My brother wrote me and told me about the video on your site. Very glad about the ending. I know that it’s nature and all, survivor of the fittest, etc, but it was hard to watch that little one taken from its parents.

  3. Hi,

    The coach of the Minnesota Vikings showed this video to his team…to show how as a ‘group/team’ (herd) you can overcome all odds and win the fight or battle.


  4. Great analogy Elliot. I was also surprised at the decision and one of the panelist agreed with our view and argued against it and made a good summary of why it should not be transferred.
    Quoted here
    ‘I would not find that the domain name was registered in bad faith, as required by Paragraph 4(a)(iii) of the Policy.
    I reach this conclusion primarily for two reasons: First, based upon the evidence before the Panel I doubt that Respondent was even aware of Complainant’s LH trademark when it acquired the domain name,…. Second, usage of LH as Complainant’s mark appears to be quite rare compared to other senses in which LH is used, making it unlikely that Respondent would have selected the disputed domain name in order to target Complainant’s mark ‘

    I believe because it was a large corporation fighting to win the name, this effected the other panelist decision, I suspect they were in awe and fear if they didn’t decide in favour of Lufthansa.

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