Wanda.com is Largest Sale of 2019 on NameJet


Wanda.com closed in a public auction on NameJet yesterday. The domain name sold for $83,817 USD. There were 197 bids placed by 129 bidders in this auction. The domain name was sold by a private seller rather than in a more typical expiry auction.

This is the largest sale of 2019 for NameJet, according to NameBio. Prior to the sale of Wanda.com, the largest domain name sale of the year on NameJet was the $68,495 sale of Kura.com earlier this Summer. This sale will also rank as one of the 60 (or so) largest public domain name sales of 2019 in DNJournal, unless other sales are closed before this one.

Because the domain name was sold at auction yesterday, the deal is not yet finalized. NameJet gives buyers some time to send their wire transfer on deals of this magnitude. NameJet reports its sales to DNJournal when they close, so we will know when this deal transacts.

$83k for Wanda.com seems like a pretty good deal for the seller.


    • Surely, they must have approached Wanda group before putting the name up for auction, or maybe it’s trademarked. If so then it’s a great deal!

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