Veteran Domain Investor Seeks Web Development Feedback

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Richard Whitney, a person whose Whois information I’ve come across many times, reached out to me yesterday to solicit feedback on one of his developed websites. Richard began investing in domain names in 1997, and he has quite a gems.   Richard is looking for constructive criticism and some content feedback prior to launching his site.

Here’s a note from Richard, and I will chime in with some feedback soon:

My name is Richard Whitney, some of you may know me and some may not, I have been involved in the domain business since 1997. I own several thousand domain names and have bought and many throughout the years.

Back in September of 2008 while reading the Wall Street Journal, I came across an article entitled How to Handle “I Hate Your”. I liked the domain name so much that I contacted the owner and bought it. I thought that it would go well with I Love Your so believe it or not I hand registered the name. I noticed that most of the major corporations are going after names such as, etc.

With a bit of hesitation, I launched, a safe haven for people to talk about companies that they love and hate.

I am eager to make this work and would love any and all feedback, negative or positive. I need help populating the site as well, so if you would be kind enough to help populate, it would be greatly appreciated!


Richard Whitney

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I would eliminate the google adsense ads on right hand side of index page; that will give you more room/space on page and the published ads are irrelevant.

    Due to the ad rotation, a company that is being bashed may actually appear in the ads and that may seem contradictory. Plus, there could be other potential problems…the few pennies may not be worth it.

    Google ads on bottom of pages

    Also, if site was mentioned on Wall Street Journal, I would give that more prominent position to help readers “value” the new site.

    The whole right side seems smashed together.

    The “Recent Comments” seems large…maybe make smaller and get 10 recent comments vs. the 5 comments.

    Best of luck.

  2. I imagine this site will thrive or wither based on the level of comments from the crowds. So I would suggest a more prominent call to action inviting people to share their comments on companies good and bad.

    A tagline to the call to action could explain how this site is helping the consumers work together to identify the best companies.

    Right now the “rate a company” is just a small tab. I would consider having everything above the fold as an explanation on how to contribute and its benefits.

  3. When I clicked on the link, and right after the website loaded, my eyes went to the “clutter” on the right hand side? Why? There wasn’t anything in the middle to grab my attention. Once I drifted away from that location, my first thought was that the two items in the middle are a little messy. and the bar that lables the categories doesn’t go across the whole table.

    IMO, the boxes on the left are too big. I would put them at half of the size they are right now. Clean the clutter on the right hand corner. Put the tabs in the middle as there is too much empty space at the top. The bold lettering under the Home Depot posting is a turn off. I would delete the center spacing and put it to the left. There’s also nothing on the right bottom side. All of the empty white space on the right hand side makes the website look like a person with no experience made the website.

    Now, this website has potential with the right adjustments. Feel free to email me at and I can share some ideas with you (I like to keep my thinking private).

    Good concept for a website.

  4. Hmmm.. I hate to be blunt, but an owner of a lot of valuable domain names is asking for “free advice”?

    Here’s my free advice as a domain consultant:

    • Hire a domain consultant.
    -Adam Strong
    -Elliot Silver
    -Rob Sequin

    If you want “free, you get what you pay for. I doubt that anyone with the right knowledge to help you truly succeed with your project will give you that knowledge, (that has taken years and tens of thousands of dollars to refine), for free.

    (please don’t send me nasty comments, I’m just telling the truth)

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