Drop Side Crib Recall Domain Names


I took a gamble on a pair of newly registered domain names today. I was watching the news and heard a report about a drop-side crib recall happening for 2.1 million Stork Craft cribs. I remember writing an article about the lawyer who registered ChineseDrywall.com, and the website now ranks very highly on Google for the exact term, and it even has sitelinks, making it more likely that searchers will click.

Instead of focusing on trademark type names like StorkCraftLawsuit.com, StorkCraftRecall.com and other names that could pose potential legal trouble, I opted to register a couple of generic domain names. While there hasn’t been much search volume for “drop side cribs,” I am sure that will change with the recall.

In light of this, I registered DropSideCribs.com and DropSideCrib.com. I don’t know if a law firm will want the names, but I think they could rank very well for this phrase, which will be highly searched in the coming days.


  1. Great pickup. One bad thing about being a domainer in the military overseas, is that we are always behind a day when it comes to news and TV in general. I also try and register domains from things that are happening in the news.

  2. Great picks Elliot – this is definitely major news and I’d imagine the search traffic will pick-up very quickly.

    I completely agree with your methodology of picking the generic terms rather than going after TM’s – it’s the right way to do it!

  3. Throw up a 1 page mini site with some Adsense or affiliate programs. You’re going to miss all the organic search traffic if you leave it at Parked. Nice pickups.

  4. It’s always profitable to be quick on your feet…congrats. Always nice to hand reg a domain and make a few thousand percent ROI…so much fun and the best part is you are ultimately helping someone at the end who will be procuring an amazing domain name…..

    I love to see people “living life by their own design”…..

    Happy Holidays Elliot

  5. Nice catch Elliot! I came up with one too (slightly longer, but effective: DropSideCribRecall.com)…and I’m putting info on the site as we speak (as I write this!).

  6. Yes, a great grab Elliot!

    I own FoldingCribs.com, which aint quite the same. My page sure looks the same right now, though. : )

    I imagine you’re whipping up a page right now? At least one YouTube video and an RSS news feed might be a good idea. Good luck with the site/future sale.

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