.US Town Hall Forum on November 4


If you are an investor that owns .US domain names, you might consider adding the .US Town Hall forum to your calendar on November 4, 2021. The event annual event livestream is open to the public and gives participants an opportunity to learn more about the .US registry and its operations.

The event will begin at Noon (Eastern time) on November 4th. In addition to a set agenda discussing various .US policies and initiatives, there will be a question and answer period for participants.

Registration is required to join, and that can be done via the About.us website.

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  1. Just the other day I saw someone on Facebook decrying the lack of whois privacy availability and some of its real consequences they had experienced.

    Just weeks ago I came across a super serious letter held on a server showing how it has been an issue since day 1.

    They don’t care.

    They don’t give a ****.

    It’s a disgrace. The whole reality around .US since day 1. An unequivocally un-American anti-American disgrace. As are so many things going on here and which these “ptb” do abroad and which they have been doing all our lives to spread misery, suffering and death throughout the world under a pretense of righteousness.

    It’s by design. And it’s not for the American people’s and the country’s benefit, but the opposite.

    “Domainers” generally don’t care about .US either, so I wonder why you even bother yourself. Even Konstantinos pretty much stopped making these annual posts about .US.

    This “meeting” is just another annual “performative” bull***t session.

    If you haven’t done it yet, watch George Carlin’s famous speech about how it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.


    Find one of the my comments I call “The Truth About .US” too. I won’t even bother adding the link here again this time.

    And make no mistake: God is going to end it all someday on a definite expiration date for this world. Read the last book of the Bible if you want to learn how it all ends up.

  2. Every year the Town hall meeting is discussed but it seems that nobody registers to be a part of it. There is never any discussion afterwards about what was discussed. How about you John? Did you join in the town hall meeting? You would think that at least 1 person would discussed it in the official .us thread in that Forum site i won’t name.

    Anyways idc about prices increasing so much as public awareness.
    I am the enduser to my names

    • Hi, just saw this comment. No, I never attend or participate in them. To my knowledge Konstantinos of OnlineDomain may have done that at least once a few years ago.

      The actual “domaining” community itself seems mostly apathetic about .us.

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