TS.com Sold by GoDaddy / NameFind


namefind-logoBased on a Whois record change I saw this morning, it looks like the TS.com domain name has changed hands. It appears that the new registrant of the domain name is based in China, although the Whois information for TS.com is now private. The domain name was previously owned by GoDaddy’s NameFind.

Unfortunately for curious people like myself, GoDaddy doesn’t generally report sale prices. If I were to guess, I would say TS.com sold for low 7 figures or possibly high 6 figures.  TS.com currently forwards to MXXZ.com, which is a fairly basic landing page with a QR code on it and a few domain names listed below the QR code.

I believe TS.com was originally acquired in a portfolio acquisition last year. According to Jamie Zoch, the company had “23 confirmed 2 letter .com domain names acquired in the portfolio with the potential for that number to climb to 26.” I am not sure if Jamie was able to confirm whether that number was 23 or 26, but the portfolio that was acquired was exceptional, and I would imagine that the NameFind and GoDaddy sales teams are doing well with this portfolio.

Although the sale price  is an  important aspect of news like this, I think it is still notable when a high value domain name like this changes hands, presumably in a large sale. If GoDaddy is willing to share the price of TS.com, I will update the article.

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