Thank You For Helping Me Support a Great Organization


Yesterday morning, I offered the opportunity for three companies to post a guest post on my blog in exchange for a donation to Ronald McDonald House, a non-profit organization that helps children with cancer and their families. Since I learned about RMH, it’s been my favorite organization to support.

Within hours after posting my offer, three companies have reserved the guest posts, and I want to say thank you in advance for their support. Thank you to Peter Askew of, Go Daddy, and for each agreeing to donate $500 to my fundraising effort on behalf of Ronald McDonald House in exchange for a guest post on my blog.

The blog posts will appear on my blog sometime in the next few weeks.

Thanks to them and to you for continuing to read and visit my blog! If you want to help Ronald McDonald House, I invite you to donate today. We’re getting closer to the $10,000 fundraising goal, and I thank you for helping me help them.


  1. That is nice of them. I’m helping a town in Texas get free wifi. They are half American , half Mexican. But they deserve Internet access to. I have a friend there who is goign to do the setup. Verizon wants $250 for some device they claim will get them service but we are going wi fi, woot. I donate $1 from my website, and we are almost there.
    Yes, I hate verizon. For those who didn’t know they just lost a class action lawsuit for over charging and you can get $40 back.

  2. Very worthwhile charity. When we had twins, one had a serious heart defect, that was easily fixed with surgery at Vanderbilt. Although our situation was easily resolved, the ICU area of a pediatric hospital is probably one of the most heartbreaking places because many situations do not turn out “ok”.

    I overheard the hospital staff steering people, who had traveled far from home, toward the accommodations Ronald McDonald House provides. It takes a huge strain off people who can’t afford a critically ill child.

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