Test Your Sale Message


One of the nice aspects of parking with Internet Traffic and Voodoo is the ability to add a “for sale” message across the top of your domain name landing pages. I have found that people are more apt to visit the landing page and inquire vs. sending an email after looking up the Whois information.

Having a message in a bright header is great, but the wording of the message is also important in order to get the visitor to inquire about the domain name. You are given a few options for this message:

  • Message wording
  • Pricing (or no pricing)
  • Where to send visitors to make an offer or inquire

In my opinion, it’s important to test the wording on your landing pages to see what drives the most offers, as well as what drives the most sales. I would assume it’s only a statistically significant test if you receive enough offers that the test is valid, but you can test just the same even if you don’t receive many offers.

I recommend looking at Frank Schilling’s company landing pages to see what his wording is and compare it to the default in the Domain Name Sales platform back end. Check out what other people are using, and test your own variations. It might be helpful if you have different portfolios and do some A/B testing just to make sure all things are as equal as possible.

At the end of the day, the quality of the domain name is what will drive the most offers, but you want to make sure it’s clear that the domain name is for sale (or lease) and the visitor should easily be able to get in touch to discuss.


  1. thanks Elliot
    much appreciated

    strange this is I saw this a while back when exploring, however dismissed as thought only was offering option of adding banners not text
    also dns inexplicably changed themselves from a banner to text
    thought they were experimenting and doesnt look anywhere near as good or effective
    will have a play

  2. ok, mistake I made before was i didn’t click NEXT, lol
    where it allows you to change text wording
    this is what I have run with;
    ‘This Domain Is For Sale CLICK HERE To Buy ‘domain’

  3. I am curious about one thing about IT since everyone has their domains in their own accounts, newbies, end users searching the net, think it is all one big company. When they get quoted an extreme price on one domain, next time they land on a page, and want to inquire, do they hesitate, as they know these people know their domains, and price them with future valuation included? It was ok before IT was more private, but now that it is opened up, majority of parking pages, have migrated to IT.

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