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WordPress 2.9.1 Update Ready


As you may recall, I blogged about the problem I encountered when I updated my blog to Wordpress 2.9. In a nutshell, my posts were missing their schedule, which happened once before after a blog overhaul. I have since found a fix to the issue (well, my designer/programmer found it), but I am still cautious as a result.

I just noticed that Wordpress is urging people to update to WP 2.9.1 now with a notice at the top of the Admin dashboard. If you are thinking about making the upgrade, it's advisable to see what features were changed and to evaluate whether it's worth the bit of risk that could accompany any upgrade.

If you do decide to upgrade to 2.9.1, make sure you back your site up first before you push the button. Trust me, one small issue can cause hours of work for you or for your programmer. You were warned! → Read More

WordPress 2.8 Bug? Missed Scheduled Posts


The scheduled post feature on my blog no longer seems to work, and all scheduled posts pass their post time with a "Missed Schedule" error message. I spoke with a couple of friends who have blog websites, and I mentioned this issue and that I recently upgraded to Wordpress 2.8. Both of them said I should have waited for a couple weeks to upgrade to make sure there aren't any bug. Well... too late for me.

I am wondering if anyone else who upgraded to Wordpress 2.8 is experiencing the same issue as my blog. If you are, is there a way to fix this, or do I need to wait for another version with the bugs fixed?

Secondly, if you don't have this issue - or if you haven't upgraded to Wordpress 2.8 yet, apparently it's a good idea to wait until a couple of weeks after a release to upgrade. → Read More