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Update: Not Online, Neither is


First it appeared that Godaddy (or Wikia, Inc.) was monetizing traffic that was intended for website by placing sponsored links on the standard coming soon landing page.

Next, it appeared that Godaddy had taken down all of the sponsored links on the landing page, perhaps in response to complaints about it monetizing the traffic. Some people still felt this wasn't the right thing to do and thought that Godaddy should not have resolve at all.

Now, the day after the DNS was removed from, effectively taking it offline (until it moved offshore to, it appears that has nothing on its website. The current website says "Sorry this site is not currently available." → Read More Update: GoDaddy Does The Right Thing


I wrote an article last Sunday  about the domain name. It's owned by a company called Wikia, Inc. and it recently had a coming soon landing page with pay per click advertising links. Every time someone clicked on one of the Sponsored Links, Godaddy would earn some revenue (and possibly Wikia, too, if they were parking the domain name with Godaddy).

Apparently someone at Wikia, Inc. or Godaddy decided to change this landing page, and there are no more PPC links showing.

Bob Parsons is known to be a proud patriotic American. He is also a very, very wealthy man, and as the owner of one of the largest and most generous companies in the state of Arizona (maybe even the US), I don't think the money that was being generated was substantial to Godaddy's bottom line.

Kudos to Parsons, Godaddy, and/or Wikia for opting to not monetize traffic that was looking for the website, which has certainly damaged the reputation of the US and others in the world.
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