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I've finally decided to try and tackle the project, which I had put off for 2+ years. My fear has been that I couldn't do the site justice, and no matter what I build on it, the content will offend certain people with different beliefs. I am not a Torah or Judaism expert, so I couldn't contribute much to the site, and it's not something I could just go out and hire writers.

I had a bit of an  epiphany  the other day, and I want to share how I plan to move forward in the next couple of weeks.

I plan to build a site that is very, very similar to I have found that many people visit because they have questions about the Torah, and at, they will be able to ask their questions.

To ensure that people know if answers are coming from legitimate sources, I plan to invite a diverse group of rabbis to become " Rabbis." Each will have his or her full profile listed and a special icon will designate the person's title. This should help spur discussion and allow people to see → Read More