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Exclusive: The Man Who Nearly Partnered with Alleged Russian Spy Anna Chapman


Texas entrepreneur came close to partnering with alleged Russian spy on start up

To this single man from Houston, Texas, Anna Chapman was very attractive and well put together. Although she was not wearing provocative clothing when they first met at a trendy restaurant across from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the red-headed Chapman's conservative Chanel suit and freshly styled hair was reminiscent of the classic Jackie O look. She looked good, but didn't oversell her beauty.

During the initial meeting in early 2010, Chapman exuded a confidence the Texas Internet entrepreneur (who wishes to remain anonymous) wasn't accustomed to seeing in women - "she was like a female with balls," he shared, illustrating her directness and confident attitude. There wasn't any indication that Chapman could be anything other than how she had been described, a successful entrepreneur who built a multi-million dollar business in Russia selling real estate online.

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