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Are Numeric Domain Names an “Emerging Trend”?


I had my first debate/discussion via Twitter (albeit a short one) yesterday about whether numeric domain names can be considered an emerging trend. I read Inside Domaining's tweet about the topic, and I disagree because values are stagnant and down for most numeric names (as they are just about across the board). I cited my experience selling late last year as evidence of a difficult market, and I also have experience selling 4 number .com domain names and 3 number .net domain names in the past.

Inside Domaining countered back that 2 and 3 number .com domain names were selling great last year, which is something I do not dispute. However, they sold well last year because TJ Demas bought many of the big ones for huge prices for a special project. IMO, this doesn't make for an "emerging trend" simply because one buyer bought some names and had to pay a huge sum to get them   (ala Rick selling for $750,000).

Just as when the 4 letter .com domain names sold out last year, the perceived values went through → Read More