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Namecheap Offering Finance Option for Some New gTLD Domain Names


According to a press release from the .Club registry, Namecheap is now offering a financing option for customers to buy select new gTLD domain names that have premium pricing. The domain names that are eligible for the financing option (called Namecheap Easy Payments) are a part of the Names.Club program.

Registry participants include the .Club registry, MMX, and GMO. In light of the MMX acquisition of the ICM Registry, I would imagine those extensions may be included once the deal closes. When customers use Namecheap to find a domain name to buy, it will have a "Finance" button if the domain name is a part of the Namecheap Easy Payments program.

I had a look at the Names.Club website and saw the Games.Shop domain name listed for sale for $61,000. A buyer could pay $12,200 down and finance the balance at $813.33/month for 5 years. There is apparently no interest charged for this financing option.

I think this is a smart idea for (more…) → Read More

.Net Prices Increasing February 1


Bari Meyerson-Kissel from Rightside shared an important reminder for people who own .net domain names. I also saw a reminder of the price increase on Namecheap's blog: "VeriSign, the registry responsible for .net, is raising its annual costs for .net domain registrations, renewals and transfers."

On February 1, 2016, the wholesale price of .net domain names will be increasing by $.67/year. This likely means that domain registrars will be passing along the increase to their customers. Depending on the registrar and the registrar's current pricing schedule, the price that customers pay may increase as well. I would imagine that different domain registrars have different ways to account for the price change.

Domain investors who (more…) → Read More

Namecheap Launches


Namecheap has teamed up with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and Fight for the Future to launch, a website that informs people about a potential policy change to the  Whois database  that ICANN is considering. A Whois change could eliminate domain  privacy and proxy services for domain name registrations, and that could have a serious repercussions for many domain owners  and business owners.

When you visit  the  website, you are given information about how you  can "let ICANN know that you object to any release of personal information without a court order." Visitors are able to submit comments directly to ICANN via the website, and I was told more than 5,000 comments were already  submitted to ICANN over the weekend, and over 360 voicemails were left.

According to the website, here is the issue at hand: (more…) → Read More

Namecheap: Runtime Error (Updated)


For the last week or so, popular domain registrar Namecheap has been promoting its special offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday via its blog and social media channels. A few hours ago on Twitter, the company cited heavy demand for its increase in the number of special offers:

I went to check out some of the company's domain name offers, and I saw a (more…) → Read More

Namecheap’s Video Message to the FCC on Net Neutrality


Namecheap shared a humorous video with a serious message for the FCC regarding net neutrality. You can watch the video below and learn more at, a website Namecheap recently launched. If you aren't up to speed on what net neutrality is or its potential impact, click the "learn" link in the top menu on the website, and the issue is explained pretty well.

Net neutrality is an issue that impacts all of us, and it's good to see a domain industry company speaking up about it.

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Namecheap Issues “Urgent Security Warning”


It's Labor Day here in the US, so it's not a great day for companies to share important news, but it is important that you see this Namecheap security warning, even if you do not use the company as your domain name registrar. This issue seems like it has the potential to impact domain investors as well as others who own domain names. It may also be impacting other accounts as well.

From a blog post on the Namecheap company blog, entitled "Urgent security warning that may affect all internet users," the company stated: (more…) → Read More

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