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Keep Your Friends on the Ball


If you know about a new technology or some other tool that can help a friend or colleague, don't hesitate to tell them. If your friend resists, but you KNOW it can help them, do whatever it takes to make sure they get the picture - especially if it's free! I sometimes think people are all as knowledgeable about social media as I am, but my world is much different than the average person in that I am connected online 24/7.

I was a late Twitter adopter, but I have embraced it with for my blog and my developed websites. I believe it's a great way to communicate, although I am guilty of primarily using it as an outlet to dispense news and links rather than to have a conversation. I have constantly told friends and colleagues they need to get a Twitter account before someone else gets "theirs."

I saw a tweet from my alma mater today, and I was very proud. Rewind several months to a conversation I had with a member of the College's administration, who has become a good friend. In fact, he's the only person I want to meet with when it → Read More