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Meeting with Lori Anne Wardi to Raise Funds for Non-Profit


There is a charity auction on CharityBuzz that will be of interest to people in the domain name business. Lori Anne Wardi is auctioning a private one hour lunch meeting with the proceeds to benefit the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship South Florida.

I have known Lori Anne for almost ten years, and think she is one of the smartest people I know in the domain business. If you haven't met Lori Anne or aren't familiar with her, here is a bit of background from the CharityBuzz auction listing: (more…) → Read More

Saturday Updates!


We are taking our daughter to her first Red Sox game of the season today. I didn't really like it when the Red Sox introduced Wally the Green Monster as a team mascot, but it makes me smile every time Hailey yells out "Wally!" when she sees him on tv. If you are celebrating Easter, I hope you have a great holiday and are spending it with friends and family. The Spring is coming!

Here are some weekend updates:

  • Speaking of Easter, holiday weekends can be good times for domain investors to (more…)
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Huffington Post Spotlight on .CO Registry and Juan Calle


.CO Registry Founders ProgramThere was a nice article on the Huffington Post about Juan Calle and the .CO Registry. Aside from the mildly insulting comment that seems to equate domain parking with cybersquatting, it's a pretty good article about the Registry and its marketing efforts, which have been led by Calle, Lori Anne Wardi, their internal marketing team, and the external advertising team at the Pappas Group.

The article discusses how Calle and his company went up against a registry powerhouse to get the rights to administer the .CO Registry and came out on top. Additionally, the Registry's efforts to combat cybersquatting are also mentioned in the article. You can read a bit about those efforts in a previously written article.

One thing the article only briefly mentions is Calle's previous Internet success. One of Calle's companies, Straat Investments, owns and operates websites like ParisHotels.com, MiamiHotels.com, LondonHotels.com, and many other great cityHotels.com domain names through its Federated Travel brand.

Congrats to Calle and his → Read More