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Neustar Domain Names What Would Be Your #1 “Draft” Pick?


Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh held a "draft" of sorts on Rick's blog yesterday for the brokers who are working with the listed domain names. The way it worked was the twelve brokers picked their choice of domain names until each had a full roster of names they would then be tasked to find partners for joint ventures (leases, sales...etc).

It was a bit difficult to follow, but I spent a bit of time on Rick's Blog yesterday watching the draft. I hadn't really looked at the names all that much prior to the draft, but there are many really great names. I believe Rick also excluded some of the top names that will become available once these brokers create deals and show that they have what it takes to make deals happen.

In any case, as I followed along, I was surprised that some names were chosen so high and surprised at how low some names were selected. In total, 206 domain lots (a few had more than one name included) were selected by the brokers. You can see who selected what in a subsequent post today.

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