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Jardin du Luxembourg

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No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to stop working... whether I am out to dinner or on vacation, I always seem to find myself thinking about business. It's not necessarily bad - unless you happen to be a person with whom I am spending my "free" time.

Nevertheless, it's not always a bad thing (I think). We've been staying right on Jardin du Luxembourg, and it's a beautiful area, as you can see from the photographs in this post. We went for a run in the gardens this morning and it was magnificent.   Been rainy for a few days, but the past two have been sunny in the high 70s.

While relaxing this evening, I went to see who owns JardinDuLuxembourg.com, and the name had expired and was not owned by anyone at the time. I pinged Bari (my rep at Moniker), and as she usually does when I send a message to her, she bought it instantly on my behalf.

I may post some photos on my new domain name when I have a chance and write a little bit about the area.There are quite a few hotels, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, → Read More