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Time Warner / Road Runner Hijacking Tribune Company’s Typo?


I am sure you've heard about the hypocrisy of companies like Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner, and other Internet Service Providers who display an error page laden with pay per click links when a user types in a domain name that doesn't exist. It really irks me when ISPs monetize typo domain names - even for trademarked terms, especially when some of them file UDRPs and lawsuits against companies who monetize their marks.

I was so annoyed by this practice that I opted out of the Road Runner service, so when I typo a domain name that doesn't exist, I am suppose to be taken to an error page that says "Server Not Found." See screenshot below of a page that doesn't exist to see the generic error page I generally receive in Firefox (I get a similar error page with Safari, too).

Error Page

When I enter a domain name without the .com in my browser, Safari automatically enters the .com for me, and I am taken to that site if it exists or an error page similar to the one above if there is no website. With Firefox, if I enter a domain name without → Read More