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Good News (.com) is Coming Soon, and Millions Will Know About It



I was typing in a website I frequently visit in the morning, and I accidentally typed in TN.com, a domain name parked at HitFarm and possibly owned by Kevin Ham's company, Reinvent. I've typo'd this before and am familiar with the happy couple that make their home on the TN.com parked page.

Today I was surprised to see a screen takeover on TN.com, encouraging me to sign up for the GoodNews.com newsletter. I checked a few other Reinvent-owned and Hitfarm-parked domain names, and all of those parking pages were similar to TN.com and had the page takeover encouraging the visitor to sign up for the GoodNews.com website.

I visited GoodNews.com, and I see that it's going to be a website offering special deals on Friday via email. The deals are only good when enough people agree to buy them, so it's utilizing the power of group buying.

A promotion like this, which will surely be seen by millions of people, would have cost another company millions of dollars to pull off. Of course, the company will certainly loose PPC revenue → Read More