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Eat Healthy & Get Exercise


Ever since my Dad had a heart attack a few years ago, I have been even more vigilant about my health. Fortunately for my family, my Dad fully recovered from his heart attack, but it served as a valuable lesson for me, and it's something I urge you to take to heart.

As a domain investor, I sit behind my computer for much of the day - drinking coffee of course. Running a business can be stressful, and with the tough economy, things can be even more stressful. Working on a computer for 10+ hours a day can lead to bad posture, poor eyesight and carpal tunnel. I really don't think there is anything physically good about working on a computer all day - except the fact that I am not spending my day lifting heavy objects. Coupled with added stress, this can lead to bad health and physical conditioning.

Anyhow, it's important the we realize how much we need to take care of ourselves. I do my best to eat healthy meals and get enough exercise. Since my wife is a great runner who encourages me to run and work out, it's not too difficult to → Read More