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Google Wave Makes Mainstream News; Google Takes Possession of


Google LogoThis summer, Google announced that a new project would revolutionize online communication. My guess is that somehow word of the project leaked out sometime around the summer of 2007 - or someone was really good at guessing potential project names. Google Wave is a communication platform developed by brothers Jens and Lars Rasmussen, the guys who also created Google Maps.

Unfortunately for Google, they didn't have the foresight to register while the project was being developed. In fact, it was initially registered back in July of 2007 to someone in Milpitas, California. Ironically, about four months ago, someone logged in to Yahoo Answers and posed the following question:

"I owned 2 yrs ago.Now google ask me to surrender the domain to them do i have th right to keep?
google sent letter to me and ask me to give up to them.Are there any lawyers like to take this case? I'm living in San Jose.

Thank you."

I disagree with the answer someone gave, but it doesn't really matter. In my → Read More