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Researching and Buying Dropping Domain Names


I am still away for DomainFest, and two of my friends have written guest posts related to topics in which they are experts. On Monday, Jeff Behrendt of INForum.in, wrote about investing in Indian domains. Yesterday, Richard Douglas discussed social media for domainers. Today, Richard discusses investing in dropping domain names. Richard has a diverse background is systems administration, web development and security. You can read more about domain development on his blog or follow him on twitter.


If you scan the drop lists, you've probably noticed a lot of good quality drops lately. And I think this trend will continue throughout 2009.

When I look at drops, I'm looking for domains that could be developed into full sites.

In addition to checking keywords, search frequency and advertiser interest, here's a few tips of how to spot good drops for development.

Domain drop tips

1. Domain age - look for domains that are 8+ years old. The SE's like old domains, it's a trust issue. I've had great results taking an eight → Read More