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Back in 2003 I started my own domain name lending site at (I no longer own that domain, but you can see this screenshot of how my site looked). Now there are a bunch of sites like that, such at,, and, but at the time I was one of the first. I figured since I was buying domain names anyhow, it couldn't hurt to try to make loans on domains that I would consider "buyable" and then if the borrower defaulted, I would get the domain, if not, I would get a good return on my money. More importantly though, I was trying to create a new online business out of it which hopefully would have some value.

I did not do any advertising for the site, but due to people finding me in the search engines (it was a lot easier to get noticed for free back then), I got some offers from potential borrowers. They were all domains I considered totally worthless though. Not once did anybody offer me a good domain to make a loan on. So, after a year, I gave up and shut down the site.

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