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How to Delete Your Facebook Account


[caption id="attachment_4231" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Learn how to permanently close a Facebook account."]Quit Facebook.[/caption]

This may seem like a drastic move, but because of privacy concerns, some people have taken to closing and deleting their Facebook accounts permanently. With Facebook's new Open Graph and Like system, it seems that some people are more worried about privacy issues than before, and one way to stop them (or at least control them on a personal level) is to cancel your account.

So how do you go about canceling and deleting your Facebook account?   There's a special account deletion page on Facebook, which can be found here:

In order to delete your account, you need to be logged in to your Facebook account. A confirmation button will appear on the page, and you will need to click the button to delete your account. Facebook warns users that if they confirm their account deletion, all data, friends, pages, and other information → Read More