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Guest Post: Could Revised Google Adsense Policy be a Game Changer for Alcohol Related Domains?


Here is a guest post from Pat Quinn of Big Iron Design, LLC.

Will Google's New Adsense Policy for Alcohol Ads Increase Manufacturer Spending Online?

Last week Google changed their advertising policy on alcohol to allow ads that promote the sale of hard alcohol and liquor.

Will this new policy encourage the adult beverage industry to spend more of their 2-3 billion dollar annual budgets online? They're not spending much of it online right now, that's for sure. According to this 2008 report, the top 12 advertisers in this sector spend less than 2% of their advertising dollars online. More than half of that amount probably goes to their own web sites judging by this chart which breaks down the spending by venue. That amounts to roughly 2 million dollars a month for internet advertising aside from the manufacturer's own sites. By contrast, they're spending almost 69 million a month for TV, 50 million a month for Point-of-Sale, and 29 million a month for Sports, Sports Teams and Athletes.

In 2008 Google changed their policy to → Read More

Online Adwords Campaign vs. Offline Marketing


I am still a novice when it comes to Google Adwords advertising, but I have been learning for various projects. One such project is, and I have been actively spending money on keyword buys. I got some solid traffic as a result, although the cost was relatively high - somewhere between $.31 - $1.00 per visitor.Overall, the cost per click I am paying is $0.39.

This morning, I tried a more traditional approach, using offline marketing. I posted an advertisement on Craigslist asking for someone to hand out magnets in Central Park for an hour, from 8am - 9am, as dog owners can have their dogs off leash until 9am.   I know people keep this type of magnet, as I have very few things on my refrigerator, but there's a 24/7 veterinarian magnet on it. She wished the dog owners a good morning and said something to the affect of "if you ever need a dog walker, please visit"

During this hour, the person I hired handed out around 100 magnets or so. The total cost was $15, which was probably generous, since I had → Read More