Sunday Updates, Tips, and Thoughts


It’s the last Sunday of 2014, and it also happens to be the last Sunday with regular season NFL games this season. I have never been to Las Vegas during the NFL playoffs, but I am looking forward to it (as long as the Patriots win).

I hope you have a happy and healthy new year. Please stay safe while celebrating the new year. Here are some Sunday updates, thoughts, and tips:

  • When you agree to a deal, you may want to put a time limit in the contract to ensure a prompt payment. I’ve never run into an issue before, but someone recommended this to me and I think it’s a good idea. You wouldn’t want to come to terms on a $50k deal, sign the contract, and learn that the buyer is going to take an exorbitant amount of time to pay. I think a week should be more than sufficient for the buyer to pay.
  • Sorry to hear that TrafficZ is shutting down next week. I haven’t used the parking company in a very long time, but it was actually the first one I ever used. More importantly, I am wondering what Ammar’s next move will be.
  • I am still buying great .com domain names. If you have any valuable, great one word .com domain names for sale, I would be interested in what you have. Please bear in mind that I would not pay retail prices, but I am probably easier to deal with than a major corporation with lots of red tape. You know how to get in touch if you have exceptional names (please don’t send subpar or names that need explaining).
  • GoDaddy’s annual holiday party was named one of “5 outrageous corporate holiday parties” by USA Today. Strange that USA today is passing judgment on how a private company spends its money.
  • If 2014 sucked for your domain business, I hope 2015 brings new opportunities for you. If it was great, I wish you continued success.


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