Stages of an Afternic Fast Transfer DLS Sale

After selling a name via Afternic Fast Transfer, I was kiddingly chatting with a friend about the stages I go through each time I get an email with this subject: “Congrats [Domain Name] has sold via Afternic Fast Transfer DLS.” I thought I would share with you:

Stage 1 – Excitement – I am happy and excited that I sold a domain name via Afternic Fast Transfer. These emails don’t happen daily, so it’s always a nice bit of excitement to see one in my inbox. It can also take a moment to process the name in my brain, especially on mobile, so it is always exciting to see if it’s going to be a nice sale.

Stage 2 – Anticipation – Much to my chagrin (and despite a few nudges to GoDaddy), the sale price is not included in the notification email. To find out the sale price, I need to either log in to my Afternic account, email my account manager, or use DomainTools. I usually have a general idea of the sale price, but sometimes it’s been a while since I set or changed the price, so I keep my fingers crossed that it was a decent deal.

Stage 3 – Regret – Shoot – I didn’t price it high enough! I should have aimed a little higher and maybe the buyer would have still bought the domain name. Chances are good, it was priced just right, but there’s always a tinge of regret for not pricing it higher.

All in all, I enjoy working with Afternic and GoDaddy. I think they can make some UI improvements to make the listing and sale experience better and more cohesive, but I have been having a pretty solid year moving a fair amount of inventory there. I find it easy to list names for sale, and not having to even engage with a counterparty is great.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “ONLY a fool has regret to a easy sale” Donald Trump

    Stage 3 – Regret – Shoot – I didn’t price it high enough! I should have aimed a little higher and maybe the buyer would have still bought the domain name. Chances are good, it was priced just right, but there’s always a tinge of regret for not pricing it higher.

  2. Had a recent sale also but it takes longer to pay out.I sold name on 24th November and didnt get paid till first week of December ,the 5th after name has been transfered to buyer.So why delay when they have secured fund and transfered domain name?Afternic has a lot to answer.They also blew a $2k sale because they wanted to get more after i agreed on the buyers offer.Told them i dont want that guy handling my deals anymore and if he contacts me,i wont agree to any offers he presents and stick to my own price.Their greed ruins sales that you dont hear about .

  3. And the sale process also include ‘pending sale’ status if you are monitoring daily. Sometimes this changes back to ‘listed’ after the buyer back off and that’s the sad moment, especially the high priced domain.

  4. i think the new communication emails and stages are lacking a bit, they jump to “domain transferred” status, which really means 100 different things ,in process. Even if i push, im still dependent on a usually uninformed buyer who is probably going thru a 2-3 day response time email exchange with the escrow reps.

    then once done, the payment has 3 steps ” weve decided payment can be made”, “we are setting a time”, then we actually sent the fund, and that may mean 1-5 days

    if anyone else is like me, it seems delivery and payment is the one part of a transaction that can be controlled, getting the sale is the hard part..

    hoping it improves. The delivery process is unclear because they provide for push information, but then arent clear if the buyer is transferring, or code, and since each email exchange is 72 hours..its pretty slow.
    Not to mention a push with change of owner locks the names for 90 days unless opt-out and setups issues with delivery if old owner has to approve..

    if ive moved the name out of my account, i think they should pay at that point.

    page howe

    • Exactly my point.The moment name is moved oit of my account,it should mean they have secured payment.So why delay payment for more days when they have secured their 20% through my domain?What a joke of a platform .I have decided to up my asking price just for exposure on afternic while my landing page has more lower price.Let them haggle all day,i womt lower my asking price if they cant close deals.

  5. Elliot – I totally share your sentiments/stages. Especially #2 – I have also nudged my GoDaddy contacts on this one. I’ve also had discussions with them regarding the (lack of) speed of payments – especially after domain has been moved out of my account.

    To be honest, I don’t really spent much time/energy in stage 3 (regret). My current business model and strategy has me focusing more on taking money OFF the table than on worrying about leaving money ON the table.

  6. Yes, I’ve had similar delay problems. Even recent transactions wherein the domain had transferred into the buyer’s account for over a week, before I received payment.
    On other occasions, I’ve had immediate payment — usually when just transferring it from GD account to the GD account of the broker or Sedo or Afternic or the buyer

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