Seeking a One Word .com Name


I am in the market for very good one word .com domain names. I am looking for names that can be used in their generic sense but can also be used for a brand. Think about words like Apple, Amazon, Soap, Drafting, Observations…etc. I’ve been making offers on my own, but I thought perhaps one of you might have an excellent domain name for sale that fits the bill and we can both walk away with a good deal.

Listed below are the specific requirements I have set for thus. If your domain name doesn’t fit the bill, please don’t waste our (my or your) time submitting it. I think you can understand how annoying it is when people don’t read instructions. I am open to purchasing more than one domain name that fits the bill.

  • American English word
  • .com only
  • At least 6 other TLDs are registered in that exact keyword
  • Price is $15,000 or less
  • Has not been listed with a domain broker, domain auction, or on a domain forum in at least 18 months
  • Has a purchase price

If you have a domain name that meets ALL of the requirements above, please submit them to me. If your name meets almost all of my requirements, please do NOT send them to me. It doesn’t mean your domain name isn’t valuable, but it does mean that I will not buy your domain name.

I know my expectations narrow down the results, and I did it for a reason. I don’t want to have to look through lots of submissions that aren’t of interest to me.


  1. Hi,

    “Has not been listed with a domain broker, domain auction, or on a domain forum in at least 18 months” – Why not?


    • It means that either someone bought it and the sale price is public, or it was listed for sale and nobody was interested at the price.

      I meant to disable comments so commend will be closed.

  2. Great, forwarded the link. Hope you find the perfect domain. I missed out on a couple of points. Good one word domains are hard to find so best of luck with your search.

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