Sedo Price Cap Increased to $50,000


I want to pass along some news from Sedo. According to an email I received from Sedo, the company has increased its price cap to $50,000. Previously, the cap was $10,000 for domain names. The news will be announced in a forthcoming email to Sedo clients.

In the meantime, here is the information about the change from email I received:

“We have exciting news to share that will impact our domain buyers and many of your readers! Sedo has recently raised the $10,000 USD price cap previously in place, so now every client can add domains priced up to $50,000 USD. This means more flexibility and faster to market times for all domains on the world’s largest marketplace. We truly appreciate how responsive our customer-base is and as a result of their feedback we’ve adjusted the threshold for listing high-value domain names.

A little bit of background on this change:

Domain names are an ever-increasing valuable asset. Since we first added the $10,000 limit it has been more common for sales to reach the five figure range and beyond. As such we have been conscious of this and will react accordingly to the changes in perception of domain name values.”


  1. That’s a timely announcement considering that the recent Domain Sherpa Review discussed to what point Sherpas place BIN prices on their names. It was over $10,000 but not by far. It will be interesting to see how the higher name BINs perform

  2. This is a great move – I’ve been frustrated by the $10k limit for years, and have kept BIN names listed at Afternic for that reason. While there will always be people who overestimate the value of their domains, this allows Sedo (and sellers) to stop leaving so much money on the table.

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