Sedo Illustrates Chinese Involvement in Domain Market


Sedo shared a neat infographic on Twitter today to illustrate the amount of Chinese involvement in their marketplace.

The infographic shows that last week there were 783 domain name sales that had “Chinese involvement.” This works out to 52% of all domain name sales consummated via Sedo last week. The company compared this figure to the same week in 2014. During the same week of 2014, there were 60 domain name sales consummated on Sedo with “Chinese involvement,” which works out to just 9% of all sales.

Sedo did not offer additional details or insights about why there was a major jump, but I think it is safe to conclude that the recent uptick in short letter and numeric domain names by Chinese buyers was the reason for this major boost. Sedo also held a numeric .Club domain auction, and I am under the impression that many of those domain names were bought by people in China.

It would be interesting to see the weekly comparison over the last year, and it will also be interesting to follow these figures going forward.

I presume other marketplaces such as NameJet, Afternic, and are making similar observations, and it would be great to hear what they are seeing on their own marketplaces.

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  1. Not the same valuation levels but it will be interesting to watch the internal market develop as the search engines / mobile use changes the cultural norm to short & cognitive and possibly pinyin dot com branding, as apposed to traditional ?

  2. Also notable, 232% increase in total transactions between 2014 and 2015. (647 to 1506)

    And, 123% increase in non-Chinese transactions between 2014 and 2015. (587 to 723)

    And, 1200% increase in Chinese transactions between 2014 and 2015. (60 to 783)

    Back to the 2 big questions –

    1. Is this growth sustainable? (statistically not probable)

    2. Is this a bubble or trend for the next couple years???

  3. Not surprising…my cousin’s son has worked in China for 3 years as an assistant to the USA Ambassador there…

    He says with the oppresive government there & all their rules and regulations….the people are constantly looking for a new way to get money out of there….

    Even by over paying for an asset…like they have in real estate….they still happy to pay the premium…

    To them it is better than leaving the money there

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