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Because of the high value of two letter .com domain names and the fact that quite a few have changed hands for significant sums of money during the past two years, I monitor all 676 two letter .com domain names.  This morning, I received a DomainTools domain monitor alert for indicating that something had recently changed in the Whois record. As of this morning, the registrant of is now, as you can see in the current Whois record screenshot  posted below.

If you visit, you can see that the domain name currently forwards to, a company owned by According to an article online in Forbes, acquired RelateIQ for $390 million in July of this year. RelateIQ is in the business of customer relationship management.

Prior to the domain name transfer, it appears to me that was owned by a California resident (possibly a company) for at least ten years and possibly longer. This morning, I reached out to the former registrant via email to see if he could offer a comment on this, and I will update this if he is willing and able to share any details. I presume there is a non-disclosure agreement involved, but I will be happy to update this with any additional details. It does not appear that had been a fully developed business for quite some time, although I will inquire about that as well if I hear back from the former owner.

It will be interesting to see if Salesforce uses as a standalone website or if the company is content using as a forwarder. I am not familiar with the RelateIQ brand, but it would be interesting if Salesforce opts to rebrand the business as IQ or Salesforce IQ or something along those lines. is an exceptional domain name, and I would guess  the price tag was into the seven figures, although I don’t have any details about it.

Thanks to Bob Olea for sharing this with me. Whois Record


  1. Absolutely it was high 7-figure sale. No doubts about that.

    When a high value domain names sell, there are almost always non-disclosure agreements involved, which do not allow sellers to release any information at all. You have higher chances to get some information from buyers in such cases, or from their brokers, if known.

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