Rumors from TRAFFIC New York


I won’t bore you with the details from TRAFFIC New York since Ron will certainly provide a great recap, and there are a few others covering the event. I want to give you inside access to the conference, and share some rumors I’ve heard over the last couple of days that are probably not true.

– Mike and Judi Berkens brought Bandit, their cute, cancer-survivor dog to the show. Conference organizers required Mike and Judi to pay the full General Admission fee of $1,995. Bandit also spoke on two panels.

– Monte Cahn couldn’t make it to the show because he injured his leg during a dance off with Rick Latona. Rick pulled out a sick move, and Monte tore his ACL – ouch! Now Rick Latona Auctions will be the sole auctioneer at TRAFFIC shows in 2010.

– This was the first TRAFFIC sell-out ever. In attendance, there were 75,000 thought leaders (from 32 countries), 4 heads of state, 48 members of the US congress, 178 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, 8 billionaires, 4 media moguls, professors from 60 universities from around the world, and you. (They were all here to see Owen.)

– Representatives from Microsoft and several other large companies were in attendance with some great branded giveaways. They were handing out official cease and desist letters.

– I almost wasn’t permitted entry to the show. Apparently they have a minimum height requirement. I was also carded at the bar, despite my receding hair line.

– Lonnie Borck didn’t have Internet access during one day of the conference, and sales at Snapnames and NameJet were down 39%.


  1. Good stuff! If you get tired of the domain business, I think you may have some great opportunities as a writer for SNL or Letterman.

  2. Good stuff Elliot! I liked the Owen one the best 🙂 The self inflected short joke was right at the top as well. Being 5′ 5″ myself, I feel your pain but not the receding hair line. 🙂

  3. Elliott? are you really Elliott Silver – or Gold?

    hehhe. Love the humor, man. You’re hired!

    You should hang around with those afraid of heights. :p

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