Richard Douglas Begins Geo Domain Development Series

My friend Richard Douglas posted part one of his geo domain development series today. Although Richard is being a bit secretive about the domain/website at the outset of the series, he will be revealing it later on down the road. I’ve been chatting with Richard about this project for the last several months, and the site is legit, as his success with it.

I am looking forward to more informative posts by Richard, as I know he has a lot of good information to share.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. interesting and learned couple things however without seeing the example, the site design, how it feels this dosent really help imo. how much i enjoy learning new things, without examples and visual learning it really dosent do anything for me.

    in my eyes its more like getting people over to his blog, see who he is, his hosting services, traffic to his blog, possible some web hosting sales and then people like me looking for developers and who is the right person for a project i want to get off the ground.

    its like ricks 3k a day on parking foreign names example and traffic. very brief and were with a question at the end like hmm….ok

    i am not questioning the fact how the geo is doing, the cash its doing or ricks 3k example. great for them… but not great for readers or wanting to learn new things. i would have rather spent 10 minutes reading a bullshit thread on a forum imo.

    while i agree keeping certain things in private, like nda sales, private issues, this geo sample is the opposite in my views.

    elliot-the great thing i enjoy from you is how you give examples on your progress and steps like your tropicalbirds mini site example, what your doing, how your doing things and now your big name what you do is great for your readers, your experiences, your web contacts, how your dealing things, the challenges then just brief summary on things. thats why your blog is a success and your respected.

    not to sound like a downer on things but as a whole when i read about this geo sample-i just feel i wasted 3 minutes in reading his blog post, 10 minutes in writting this and my thoughts.

    • For whatever reason, Richard wants to keep the site private for now. The reason for my post is that I have seen his site, watched its progress, and am amazed when a new article that’s posted appears in Google very quickly – much more so than with my geos.

      I am sure Richard will reveal it soon.

  2. ok great you seen it but the readers are feeling less into this and your thoughts.

    i have to disagree on this blog. if he has things to share, do so, help us out…lets learn new things but this one i have to disagree with elliot. i think my first disagreement on your blog-lol..

    hope one day the less big players can read from this guy and learn new things but in the meantime i will go hmm what a waste of time for time being.

  3. to many secrets:

    sorry sound a bit outspoken, i didnt mean to come across as a prick

    i look forward in reading your posts and im sure elliot will reflect your progress.

    i did browse your mini site post-now that was a good one and learned with more details.



  4. @Jeff

    I think the meat of the articles is much more useful than what domain we did the development on.

    But I’ll reveal it shortly, there’s no alternate agenda here.

    I think Elliot will agree with me that I like to share ideas and I give out free advice to anyone who asks.

    – Richard.

  5. Thanks Richard & Elliot.

    Great info; looking forward to the complete series.

    @Jeff…no disclosed yet? Well; maybe that’s why Richard uses “Too Many Secrets.” 🙂

    I’m sure he’ll let us in soon enough. Until then, the info is still of nice value.

  6. This is a series I will follow and hopefully contribute too. One thing I do is talk to all the tradesmen in my local town and ask them about their desire to list online, what their price points are etc. One thing I often hear is that they like being able to provide customer testimonials next to their adverts.


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