Report: Sold for Undisclosed Sum

Manmeet Singh of is reporting that his company brokered the sale of for an undisclosed sum of money:

After receiving an email from Manmeet and seeing the tweet above and a post on Facebook, I reached out to see if he could share any information about the sale or insight about the domain name. Here’s what he had to say about the deal that has already reportedly closed:

“We knew it very well that would sell, like a piece of cake, and at a price our Chinese domain name investor was expecting, however the price tag being in 6 figures commanded us to get out there in market and work for the money. We reached out to several non-Chinese investors for their interest since 4 is the least favorable digit for Chinese investors. On the way, we happened to discuss potential co-broker opportunity with our dear friend Andy (from and were able to get what we wanted in minimum time (sale happened within few days of accepting domain name for brokerage) possible.

It’s definitely not one of the best examples of a short numeric domain name sale as per my experience since buyer got one heck of a deal at the price. The market is hot with Chinese investment flowing in heavily these days, however also important to note that the buyer is not Chinese and purchased it purely as an investment (buyer is the same who bought as he informed me about it couple of days ago).

In our opinion, the value of short and numeric assets will continue to rise in coming days. We also happened to close the sale of & last week for combined value of mid five figures in two separate deals to Chinese domain name investors. Interestingly, seller of these domain names requested for NDA on prices rather than buyers because we still have few more to go for him.

We are fairly new to the domain name brokerage world, however currently have several, and with us for sale and only disclose successfully completed transactions once closed at the escrow company. Cynthia from played a key role in completing these transactions securely, and on time.”

In addition to, Manmeet is Founder & President of the Domain Name Owners Association of India. He was also the organizer of the DomainX conference in India.

If I learn more about the buyer or how the domain name will be used, I will do my best to write an update.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. so… if i read the article correctly, some guy of unknown origin, sold a domain with a 4 in it to another guy that may or may not have been chinese. and the amount he got is unknown. good work elliot. keep the news comin’. 🙂

  2. Great number that could make a great dating style site or any other brand for that matter. As you know 143 means “I Love You”

  3. we considered buying it, but dealing with an unknown seller, selling domains he didnt own. All domains also happened to recently change hands as well.

    something was fishy here.

  4. There is only 1000 domain however the price vary depending on the combination of the numbers any one sells that have 4 or not for less than 250k is not getting the right price. last week I sold for $18k I feel now that I lost on the sale after sold for $26K +

    • True Mansour, price greatly varies depending on the numbers involved. I have another without number 4 under our consultancy (brokerage, but I’d prefer to be called consultants, rather than brokers) and seller has high expectations, little over mid six figures tbh.

      As far as the sale of is concerned, I’ll differ due to the old saying in our industry that “domain name is only worth what buyer’s willing to pay out of their pocket”.

      However, a good lesson learnt by you here that one should sell only after performing thorough research about relevant niche and recent sales. Good luck to you for future 🙂

  5. Hi Folks!!

    It is a deal superbly executed by Manmeet, and all the credits to him for making it happen.

    As a co-founder of, myself, unfortunately couldn’t take time out for this one.

    We surely have more opportunities coming our way.

    @FX is a joint venture with Manmeet. 🙂

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