Quick Hits for the Weekend


Wedding season has started again, and I am in another one of my best friends’ weddings tonight. I am in Detroit (well, Dearborn), and from what I can see, Ford branded everything around here. Apparently the Mighty Ducks are staying at this hotel tonight… kinda neat I guess.

I think the WhyPark/Parked deal makes a whole lot of sense for both companies. They each have a very large number of domain names under their “control,” and both have different experience in monetizing these names. I don’t know any terms of the deal, but from the outside, it looks like they have created a stronger company.

Every time a huge world story hits, its amusing to see all the different variations of domain names that are created. On the domain forums, Ebay, and other venues, I can’t help but laugh at the long tail keyword swine flu names that are being sold and/or discussed….

They’re almost as bad as the swine flu jokes I am seeing all over the place – one of the downsides of Twitter 🙂

Congrats to Moniker on selling Ad.com for $1.4 million. It goes to show that Moniker (and other companies) do work hard to get bids from people outside of the domain industry, as I’ve heard the bidder was a large advertising agency that wanted to rebrand.   You can now see the auction of Ad.com in a video posted by Rick.

Sorry to keep this short, but I have to head out to lunch with the guys. What other quick hits did I miss from the week?

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